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Buckets: J.J. Lebo drains thousands of shots to win Eagles "March Madness" shooting competition

80 plus kids make over 316,000 shots in three weeks

MECHANICSBURG, Pa. — One of the good things about tough times is you see how creative and adaptive people can be. Cumberland Valley varsity basketball coach Dave Vespignani thought with no "March Madness" why not host a competition of their own. Well his Eagles responded and the numbers are off the chart.

Coming off an 18 win season, Cumberland Valley seems poised to get better if this challenge is any indication.  Over 80 kids in the program made over 316,000 buckets in three weeks.  The victor, seventh-grader J.J. Lebo.

"Yea it feels great but I did not think I would be getting up that many shots," said Lebo. 

"The first day I only did like 600, but then other people were doing a lot so I just had to start making more shots! "

And that he did, J.J. made 17,002 shots and he had a plan to get it done.

"Normally (I) try to get up as many shots in the morning then right after eat breakfast chill inside a little and then shoot at night a little too."

He did not rest to much as he wanted to hold off the varsity team and guys like Sam Sherry.

"He (Sherry) was like right on my tail and it made get outside and get up more shots because he was that close."

With all these buckets you know J.J. had a favorite spot and that came from one of the NBA greats.

"Corner shot, 15 foot corner shot. Steve Nash, I got a drill from him going to corner to corner hitting that mid range shot"