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Boiling Springs straps on the pads for Midnight Madness

When the clock struck midnight on Monday, the Bubblers turned on the stadium lights and went to work.

BOILING SPRINGS, Pa. — Every high school team will tell you that they can't wait to strap on the pads, but only one District III team didn't wait a second longer than required by the PIAA.

The Boiling Springs football team was waiting at the gates of their stadium and when the clock struck midnight on Monday, the lights were turned on and the Bubblers took the field for a Midnight Madness practice.

"Well, we started talking to some people and thinking about basketball and how much fun they have with Midnight Madness.  It just sounds like a good idea, so we took it and ran with it," said Head Coach Brad Zell.

Of course, pitching the idea to the players and assistant coaches went a little differently.

"The players were all for it and really excited about this.  The coaches not so much," said Zell with a smile.  "This is a time of the day that most of them don't see often.  So they were not thrilled with me, but I think they've all been enjoying it right now."

In order to hold the event and not wake any of their neighbors, there were some guidelines given to the Bubblers before they could take the field.

"The township asked that we not have much noise pollution," laughed Zell.  "So, so we're not out here playing the music too loud or doing any of that stuff.  It's just a regular practice after we got out here."

One thing that's for certain, it's a memory that the Boiling Springs players will never forget.

"Really, it's what high school sports are all about.  You know, making memories, doing things that they're never going to forget," added Zell.  "And that's really what we want to do tonight. Just have a little bit of fun and be a little different."

Judging from the players' reactions to the night, it sounds like the Bubblers have started a new tradition.

"The locker room opened at nine, so they can come in anytime they wanted.  They took it to a whole new level that even I didn't expect," said Zell.  "They brought in cornhole games, they've got tournaments, they got TVs set up with video games, and we're staying the night.  So yeah, I think it's going to turn into something we do every year."

Boiling Springs will host Lebanon in a scrimmage this Saturday, before starting their season on the road at Littlestown on August 26th.

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