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Zapping away the flu with the Virus Vaporizer

A 3rd of all flu viruses are contracted in the workplace. However, thanks to Heather Schlegel’s business, Enviro-Master, it doesn’t have to be that ...

A 3rd of all flu viruses are contracted in the workplace.

However, thanks to Heather Schlegel's business, Enviro-Master, it doesn't have to be that way.

You could hire them to come into your business and use their sci-fi looking device to spray a powerful germ zapper that kills 99.9 percent of bacteria in less than 60 seconds.  Flu,  MRSA, Hand, foot and mouth, you name it.

The non toxic spray uses hospital grade germocide that's EPA registered, and even kills really nasty illnesses like hepatitis and the norovirus.

"We are like the dentist.  We do the deep clean and sanitize once a week or twice a week depending on the business," said Schlegel.

The flu itself can last 24-48 hours on hard surfaces, so If you're one of those office heroes who thinks you are doing everyone a favor by toughing it out and coming to work, think again!   When you sneeze, your germs travel up to 6 feet away... and that's depending on the strength of the sneeze.  So you know that really loud sneezer at work? It's more than just annoying, it's gross.

Oh, and we haven't even gotten to the bathrooms yet.

"When the toilet flushes, it also sneezes and those water droplets become airborne and can travel up to 10 feet and get into those hard to reach places," Schlegel said.

However, sanitizing with the "potty pistol" is just one part of keeping people healthy.  Dr. Creston Tate is the Medical Director or Wellspan Urgent Cares and he says what's most important is that people get their yearly flu shot.

"Last year's flu vaccine was about 35-40 percent effective, and that doesn't sound like a lot but it kept a lot of people in work," Dr. Tate said.

The virus vaporizer is only available as a commercial service to businesses, so if you want to bid adieu to your home flu, Dr. Creston says you can easily find something over the counter.

"I would think there are a lot of companies would benefit from a service like this.   A homeowner though?  A can of Lysol will do the same thing, if you do it diligently," he said.

Just remember, the more people in a space, the more illnesses there are to erase.

For more information on Enviro-Master you can visit : https://enviro-master.com/  Or call: 1-833-GERMPRO