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Woman’s dog steps in animal trap along Cumberland County creek

SILVER SPRING TOWNSHIP, Pa. – A woman’s dog’s paw got caught in a small animal trap while on a walk at local park. Luckily, police say the dog...
SILVER SPRING TOWNSHIP, Pa. - A woman's dog's paw got caught in a small animal trap while on a walk at local park. Luckily, police say the dog is okay. The question now remains: why was it there when traps aren't permitted?

Along the Conodoguinet Creek bank near Hidden Creek park in Silver Spring Township, a woman walking her dog found something not quite hidden enough.

"It's smaller than the size of your hand," Silver Spring Township Police Chief Chris Raubenstine, said.

A small animal trap. According to a Facebook post by the owner, her dog stepped on it.

"Fortunately it didn't do any severe damage to the dog," Raubenstine said. "Although if it was my dog, I wouldn't have wanted it to happen either."

Raubenstine said a Good Samaritan helped free her dog, but also threw the trap in the creek.

"We haven't been able to recover that," Raubenstine said. "Traps are required to be registered to their owners. That possibly would have has some information we could've used."

The chief said it's also worth noting that the trap looked old and rusted. It could've been there for months, if not years. There's also the question of whether or not was it malice or simply an accident.

"That's not the point in this case," Raubenstine said. "You still need permission from the land owner, which is the Township. And the Township doesn't give permission for that and treats it as the park as a whole because it's right along the side of the park."

Police said the Township checked all of the other public parks. No traps were found. They hope anyone who might have information on who it could belong to comes forward.

"Again, no matter how small it is, if a small child was there, it's along a park." Raubenstine said. "And of course if it was nicer weather they would've been down along that creek bank."