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VERIFY: What are your VHS tapes worth?

We all have something we don't use but keep because one day it may be worth something. But will it?

From old typewriters and vinyl records to comic books and novelty toys, we all have that one item in the house that we don't use but hold on to because one day it may be worth something. But will it really?

Remember when Beanie Babies were all the rage? Young girls everywhere believed, one day, they’d cash in on their beloved collections. Well, that day still hasn’t come. Now, the same rumor is going around for Disney VHS tapes. Remember those?

Viewer Angela Krog emailed our verify team saying, “I did read a while back that Disney VHS movies still in the original VHS box were worth a pretty penny. Got any news on this?”

To verify this question, KHOU went to one of the very few businesses that still sell videotapes, Half Price Books.

Manager, Nicole Malek, says "We probably have a couple hundred at a time available for the public to look at. We switch them out all the time." She adds, you’re probably not going to cash in on your Disney classics. "Disney specifically. We probably do see them a couple of times a week. People are always surprised that we can only give a little bit here and there for them because we do only sell them for a dollar apiece."

So, where’d the false information come from? Blogs started the rumors a few years ago because Black Diamond edition classics are listed on eBay for 2, 3, even $10,000 dollars a pop. But just because something’s listed at a certain price doesn’t mean anyone will actually pay it. If you look closely, page after page of auctions have zero bids.

So we can verify, this claim is false. The old tapes in your attic aren’t going to help you retire early. Unfortunately, their value is purely sentimental.

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