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Is the U.S. is running out of diesel fuel? | Here's what we found

The country's diesel supply is the lowest it's been since 2008.

ATLANTA — When the U.S. Energy Information Administration reported that the nation’s diesel supply was the lowest since 2008 it set off a panic. More than a month later, social media posts claim the country is on the verge of running dry.

The question:

America’s supply of diesel fuel is historically low, but are we really running out?

Our sources:

The answer:

Although the country’s supply of diesel fuel is the lowest it’s been in over a decade, claims the U.S. is about to run out of diesel fuel are false.

Here's what we found:

Americans burn 128 million gallons of diesel fuel every day to move trucks, trains, and school buses.

Finley agrees there’s reason to be concerned about the diesel supply.

“U.S. inventories of diesel fuel haven’t been this low at this time of year in recent memory,” Finley explained.

By estimating how long the country’s current inventory would last based on demand, the Energy Information Administration reported in October that the U.S. had a 25 day supply of diesel.

And that 25 day supply still exists. The EIA explained the 25 day estimate doesn’t take into account production or imports.

“We’re always making more,” Finley said. “It (the 25 day estimate) is a reflection of just how tight the system is. I think for most people it’s less a concern about physically running out and more just the risk of continued price spikes.”

Over the last five years, the average U.S. supply has been about 34 days.

Finley added that several factors, such as exports out of China, could improve our supply situation.


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