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No, there is not a national ban on buying or using gas-powered leaf blowers

In most places, you can legally use a gas-powered leaf blower. But some states and cities have banned them, citing environmental concerns.

Headlines from across the country say more and more governments are considering banning the sale or use of gas-powered leaf blowers.

In recent days, search terms related to gas leaf blowers have spiked. People have been wondering if they will be able to use their gas-powered leaf blowers, or if they are getting banned nationwide.


Is there a national ban on buying or using gas-powered leaf blowers?



This is false.

No, there is not a national ban on buying or using gas-powered leaf blowers. However, some municipalities across the U.S. have issued local bans on using leaf blowers due to environmental concerns. 


VERIFY reviewed current federal laws and there is currently no national ban on gas-powered leaf blowers. But some cities and states are banning the lawn tool at the local level, citing environmental concerns. 

The state of California is banning the sale of gas-powered leaf blowers in the state beginning in July 2024. The bill stops the sale of gas-powered blowers, but it doesn’t prevent people who already own them from using them or reselling to someone else. This law also doesn’t override more restrictive local laws, like in Pasadena, where gas-powered leaf blowers can’t be used at all. In cities where there are no local bans or restrictions, people with gas-powered leaf blowers can still use them or resell them on their own, analysis of the bill says.

Pasadena’s ban went into effect on April 28, 2023. According to the bulletin posted on the city’s website, the ban was implemented in response to the growing “climate crisis” caused by gas-powered machinery. 

If someone is caught using a gas-powered leaf blower in Pasadena, they will be fined $124 for the first offense, $255 for the second offense, $643 for the third and $1,000 for the fourth offense.

Electric leaf blowers can still be used in Pasadena, but only during certain times of day. This limits the noise pollution caused by leaf blowers, the city ordinance says. 

Washington, D.C. also has a gas-powered leaf blower ban in place. 

In Washington D.C., the district’s ban on sale or use of gas-powered leaf blowers went into effect in January 2022. The law “prohibits the sale, offer for sale, or use of gasoline-powered leaf blowers in the District of Columbia.” Companies or individuals who use gasoline-powered leaf blowers in the District are subject to fines of up to $500 for each offense. 

While there is no federal ban, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) does regulate emissions of lawn equipment, including gas-powered leaf blowers. Even though those EPA regulations are in place, the state of California says studies show leaf blowers still produce exhaust emissions as well as dust that could be harmful to human health.  

In blog posts on the subject of banning or restricting gas-powered lawn equipment, the National Association of Landscape Professionals has said they oppose such measures because it “unfairly” targets landscape professionals and impacts their ability to work. 

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