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Spooked by spiders? This creepy crawler could send you to the hospital. But it won't, if you don't 'bug' it

Halloween brings out the ghosts, goblins, and of course Black Widow spiders.

Tis the season for ghosts, goblins, and screams. 

But this creepy crawler could be living in backyards across the region and cause 'instant pain' for anyone who dares to touch them.

"You have to go to the hospital. That's the hands down. You have to go," said Ryan "The BugMan" Bridge about the Black Widow spider's potent bite. "You're going to get really sick. You're going to think you're going to die probably. But, the truth is, generally you just don't die." 

Still Bridge said the spider isn't something to fear and isn't considered deadly. He said it just doesn't want to be 'bugged.' So,he recommends never holding one in your hands.

"I don't want people to kill these things just because it's a black widow," he said. Rather, he simply wants people to be aware that black widow spiders are around and educate themselves about the bug. But, he said if the spiders are truly 'bugging' you, you can call experts like him.

Bridge said the black widow is normally spotted more often this time of year as he said juveniles are beginning to grow larger and find warm spots to hide such as wood piles. 

"Swing sets are a common place, underneath decks, basement window wells," added Bridge. However, he noted black widows normally stay outside.

Bridge said black widows aren't 'hunting' people. In fact he said, the spiders don't want anything to do with people. 

So, his best advice: just leave the bugs alone.

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