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Showing support for healthcare workers from the palm of your hands

Kathleen Kilmer, the CEO of EasyEvent Planning created a page on her website devoted to honoring healthcare workers around the nation.

As soon as the coronavirus pandemic started impacting United States hospitals, Kathleen Kilmer, the CEO of EastEvent Planning which is an online event planning company based out of Las Vagas, Nevada, created a way to honor healthcare workers, working on the frontlines of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Kathleen saw the impact of the pandemic first hand. Two of her sisters work in the medical field and see's how the outbreak takes a mental and physical toll on her day in and day out.

This is where Kathleen got the idea and decided to put her efforts towards making a difference and bring hope to those risking their own lives every day.

It's called "Honor and Thank - COVID-19 Heroes."

Kathleen designed a separate part of her website from people to honor and thank medical personnel.

During this time of crisis in our nation, it's essential that we join together to honor and thank the first responders in the hospitals, nursing homes and health care facilities - both the seen (nurses, doctors, aids, pharmacists, medics, phlebotomists, etc) and the unseen (those who work in labs, food service, janitorial, security, administration, etc).

Anyone can type a message of encouragement, post a picture or video then choose to have your message seen by local facilities, throughout your state or country.

Whenever they have a free moment to step away from the chaos, healthcare providers can pull up the messages on their phones whatever they are. They can see new messages coming in so they can feel the support when they need it most.

“People need hope to survive and we want to bring them that hope,' said Kathleen. 'When they might be feeling really, really desperate we need to really help these people who are at a risk of giving into the despair from this.”

By entering your zipcode and hitting search, it will show all medical facilities within a 25-mile radius. Just one small way you can say thank you, from the palm of your hands.

A Temple University student, Taylor Weaver of Denver, Lancaster County recently got involved after her original summer internship was canceled.

“Doing something that’s positive and helpful because so many people want to help but they don’t really know how to,' said Taylor. 'And if they don’t necessarily have money to donate, this is a really great way to make a contribution.”

EasyEvent Planning hopes to expand this campaign to emergency medical services and nursing homes. Click here to make a difference.

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