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Keller, Meuser to face off after new district map drafted

Congressional redistricting will mean a showdown in the spring primary election.

PENNSYLVANIA, USA — The Pennsylvania Supreme Court has issued a new congressional state map, shaking up some current districts. One significant change in our area puts two incumbents head to head.

Fred Keller and Dan Meuser, both Republicans and both incumbent members of Congress, will be squaring off against each other in May.

The last time the congressional maps were changed was in 2018.

Republican Rep. Dan Meuser has represented the 9th District, and Republican Rep. Fred Keller held the position in the 12th District. After reapportionment, the map looks completely different. The 12th District is no longer in our area, which means Keller will no longer have a seat to run for.

"I don't think any of us in our delegation, Republicans or Democrats, perhaps we're happy with the with the procedure in the process. I mean, the legislature and the governors should be able to come together as they did for, you know, well over 100 years, but doesn't seem to be the case any longer," Rep. Meuser said.

"The census was to be taken every ten years, and the founders knew that the boundaries would move, so we're going to continue the work we do: representing the voice of the people of this part of Pennsylvania," Rep. Keller said.

With the loss of the 12th District, Rep. Fred Keller has announced that he will run for election in the 9th District against incumbent Rep. Dan Meuser. Keller says his decision was based on the number of counties he currently represents being switched into the 9th District.

"It's the community where I grew up going to church in that community for since 1978 since I was a kid. My grandmother raised me there, so you know, just really looking for the opportunity to continue to serve the people and do their work," said Rep. Keller.

Both congressmen have worked together for the past few years, and Meuser says he was surprised by Keller's announcement to run against him.

"I'm not sure he's not looking to replace me because he doesn't think I did a bad job. We can do a better job. You know, it's unfortunate that he's perhaps looking to do it to keep a job."

After redistricting, Rep. Keller's home is just outside the boundaries of the new 9th District but in Pennsylvania, you don't have to live in the congressional district in which you run.

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