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Governor Tom Wolf approves Pennsylvania budget

Nearly a week after the due date, Pennsylvania's $45.2 billion budget has been approved.

PENNSYLVANIA, USA — After being signed by the House and Senate in the past two days, Governor Tom Wolf added his signature to the keystone state's budget a week behind schedule.

Wolf celebrated the commitment to education shown in the budget. The agreement secured a historic $1.8 billion investment increase for Pa. schools.

“Since I took office, Pennsylvania’s students and families have been my top priority," Wolf said. "We have made long overdue investments in the people of Pennsylvania, including better education for all, safer communities, and a brighter future."

This budget includes resources that place Pennsylvania families in high regard. It boasts $140 million in direct property tax relief, $375 million for safe and affordable housing and $100 million for adult mental health services, among other improvements for taxpayers.

Education was the main benefactor of the budget. Pennsylvania schools can expect to see an average 8% increase in funding through the $525 million increase of the Fair Funding Formula

In addition, $100 million will go towards special education, $79 million towards early education, and $220 million in higher education. 

"Securing $1.8 billion for education in this budget furthers these efforts and results in a historic $3.7 billion in investments my administration has made in education at all levels over the last eight years. I’m extremely proud of what we have accomplished.”

Increased funding will also be going towrds state parks and the environment, approximatedly $696 million. 

Safety was also a big focus of the budget. According to reports, $100 million was allocated to school safety grants. Law enforcement also recieved $135 million in funding. 

The Rainy Day Fund also saw big growth. The 2022-23 budget will add $2.1 billion to the fund. The goal of the fund is to set up the commonwealth to support Pennsylvanians without raising taxes. 

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