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FOX43 Capitol Beat: State Senator Scott Martin

Lancaster County Republican talks to FOX43's Matt Maisel about how the state is responding to the COVID-19 Coronavirus outbreak.

Pennsylvania's state legislature is finding it increasingly difficult than usual to pass bills in the wake of the COVID-19 Coronavirus outbreak.

Because of calls to socially distance and not gather in groups larger than 10-15 people, it's simply unsafe for the state House and Senate to gather in chambers at the State Capitol the way they normally would in session. However, there must be a quorum of legislators to vote on bills. Earlier this week, the House had to change its rules to allow members to vote by proxy, in which they give their votes to someone in attendance. The Senate has to perform the same rule change. 

Once those rule changes occur, then the legislature can discuss proposals on how to address the COVID-19 outbreak in Pennsylvania.

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State Senator Scott Martin (R-Lancaster) joined FOX43's Matt Maisel via FaceTime to talk about how state government is responding to the crisis. 

Martin was also asked if the legislature has given any consideration to changing the current April 28 primary election date.

Also, a moment of levity amidst the serious conversation. During Matt's interview with Senator Martin from his home, Matt's 2-year-old son Joey decided he had to join in on the interview. Watch the cute moment below, from Matt's Facebook page.  

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