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Voters decide vacancy in the state senate's 27th district

Voters came out to decide who will fill the vacancy in the state senate's 27th district, which covers several counties across northeastern Pennsylvania.

PENNSYLVANIA, USA — Republican John Gordner retired in November to take another position in senate. Two candidates looked to fill the remainder of the term.

The Republican is Lynda Schlegel Culver from Northumberland County. She currently represents the 108th district in the state house. Her opponent is Democrat Patricia Lawton from Columbia County.

"I really think that this was an opportunity after the last few years of such, you know, partisan politics in gridlock to really talk about our problems and come up with solutions together," said Patricia Lawton, (D) State Senate candidate.

A professor at Penn State Harrisburg, Lawton plans to make an immediate impact if she wins this election.

"Ultimately, I want to serve our community and just do it in a different way than I have in these last 30 years do it at this type of level. So I will be looking for a way to do that," said Lawton.

Lynda Schlegel Culver says she's running for state senate to continue serving the area she's been involved with for decades.

"I have an opportunity to bring together my experience the connections I've made within the valley, and I've already of that district. Do you know this is a great district? These people belong together, and I'm going to give them the option to put me to work," said Lynda Schlegel Culver, (R) State Senate candidate.

Schlegel Culver ended up winning Tuesday's special election, 70 percent to 30. This mean she'll have to give up her seat in the state house, and there will have to be another special election to find her replacement.

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