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Rep. Patty Kim talks new district, future goals | Coffee with the Candidates

State Rep. Patty Kim discussed the challenge of bridging the communities in her district: parts of the city of Harrisburg and parts of Cumberland County.

PENNSYLVANIA, USA — State Rep. Patty Kim was our first guest on "Coffee with the Candidates," a segment meant to bring the lawmakers on the ballot to you, and provide the information that's important to you.

We'll talk to candidates about why they love the state of Pennsylvania, why they chose to get into politics, and what they hope to get accomplished if they are elected or re-elected to office.

Here is a snippet of their conversation:

SEAN STREICHER: If you get re-elected, what are some of the things do you want to accomplish?

REP. PATTY KIM: We still need more work in public schools. 

The Harrisburg City School District is not where it needs to be, and we can do a lot more work. 

But now, the biggest challenge is putting together two counties because my district looks a lot different. 

I have parts of Cumberland County and I have parts of the city of Harrisburg. How do I bridge these two very different communities?

I do see a path.

Here is more of their conversation:

On the next segment of "Coffee with the Candidates," Sean will speak with Kim's opponent, Republican David Buell.

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