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PA House District 95: Carol Hill-Evans (D) vs. Kacey French (R)

Representative Hill-Evans is seeking a third term covering York City and its surrounding areas.

YORK COUNTY, Pa. — Democracy 2020 takes a look at the State House race for the 95th District. The seat which covers York City, West York Borough, and West Manchester and Spring Garden Townships has been represented by Democrat Carol Hill-Evans for the last four years.

Hill-Evans has lived her entire life in York, attending William Penn Senior High School and then Penn State York University. She served on York City Council for eight years prior to running for State House, and served as council president.

If re-elected, she says fairly funding schools is among her top priorities. She also wants to raise the minimum wage, and help homeless veterans.

Kacey French is looking to become the first Republican to represent the district in 36 years, when Stanford Lehr was finishing a 15-year term in 1984.

French is the President of CorrellGreen, a local architectural consulting company. According to her Facebook page, French wants to improve policies for seniors. She also wants an increase in funding for better technology in schools. French also says she'll be more accessible to the community.

FOX43 sent both candidates questionnaires about their campaigns and top issues. Only Rep. Hill-Evans returned hers.

For more information about the race for the 95th District, and all other local, state, and Presidential races this election, plus information on where and how to vote, visit the FOX43 Election Voting Guide.

Credit: WPMT FOX43
Credit: WPMT FOX43
  1. Why do you want to represent the PA Senate 33rd District? 

REPRESENTATIVE CAROL HILL-EVANS: I represent the 95th Legislative District.  Because I have lived my whole life in the city of York and worked until retirement in York County , receiving my bachelor degree from Penn State York.  This is my home.  I know the people and our needs.  I meet with the children and let them know what I do. I meet with businesses to asses their needs and bring the necessary dollars into the community for education, the arts, seniors, Veterans and First Responders.  I want to continue to be the voice of my community. 

2. What area of public policy are you most passionate about and why?  

REP. HILL-EVANS: Fair funding for our schools.  Making sure that all dollars allocated to our K-12 schools are run through the fair funding formula.  It’s the best way to assure that the quality of education for our students is not dependent upon the zip code in which they live.

3. Name three goals you wish to accomplish in the next term if elected 

REP. HILL-EVANS: Minimum wage increase; establish an act that helps our homeless Veterans; criminal justice and property tax reform.

4. What is the biggest challenge facing Pennsylvanians in the next couple years? 

REP. HILL-EVANS:  Economic recovery from losses as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic and the negative effect it has had on the commonwealth.

5. COVID-19 will continue to be a part of our lives in 2021 and beyond. What should Pennsylvania’s top priorities be as it relates to the pandemic?  

REP. HILL-EVANS: Educate themselves about what is happening nationwide and locally in terms of the movement of the virus.  Wear masks, social distance and wash hands.

6. Dr. Deborah Birx of the White House’s Coronavirus Task Force praised Pennsylvania for how it has handled the COVID-19 pandemic. How would you assess the commonwealth’s response?  

REP. HILL-EVANS: Considering we have some of the lowest incidences and deaths nationally, I say we have done an admirable job of containing the virus, especially since there is still so much we have to learn about how the disease “works”.  I would say a solid B+, which is high praise given all that has had to be done in terms of communication, education, precautions, recommendations, etc.

7. What needs to be done in order to improve Pennsylvania’s economy?  

REP. HILL-EVANS: At this point we have to hold steadfast to the recommendations that are already in place.  Then as virus numbers stabilize, slowly and methodically and EQUALLY start to open establishments, schools, and other public events.

8. Social unrest has played out in front of us as citizens protest the killings of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and other Black men and women. What changes are needed to state laws as it relates to criminal justice reform? 

REP. HILL-EVANS: Creation of community boards that work with clergy and law enforcement to continue to create laws that protect our citizens and demand accountability from our police departments.

9. What changes would you make to Pennsylvania’s unemployment compensation system?  

REP. HILL-EVANS: Upgrade!  Upgrade!  Upgrade!  Upgrade computer systems, upgrade application and response time systems and upgrade online accessibility 

10. Are you confident in the security and results of this election?  I’m confident that the many volunteers and election officials are honest, hardworking people who want to assure and restore the confidence in the voting public.  That said, my answer is YES I’m confident that these workers can provide secure votes with correct results .