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PA representatives in US House react to first day of impeachment hearings against President Trump

The United States House of Representatives held its first day of impeachment hearings against President Donald Trump on Wednesday. Here’s what some Pennsy...
President Donald Trump

The United States House of Representatives held its first day of impeachment hearings against President Donald Trump on Wednesday.

Here’s what some Pennsylvania Representatives had to say about the start of it and end of day one:

Rep. John Joyce (R)

“Today’s hearing is yet another step of House Democrats’ obsessive campaign to impeach President Trump and negate the 2016 election – purely out of their personal disdain for our duly and democratically-elected President. Neither of today’s witnesses have firsthand knowledge of the President’s phone call, nor have either of them spoken to President Trump. Rather than allow the truth to come to light, Democrats have proven that they would prefer to impeach President Trump entirely on hearsay and their selective, politically-motivated narrative. The American people rightfully expect a fair, transparent, and open process, and that’s not what Chairman Schiff and House Democrats are delivering.”

Rep. Fred Keller (R)

“Democrats are so afraid of a repeat of the disastrous Mueller hearing that they are starting public hearings only after wasting hundreds of hours auditioning witnesses in secret, shutting out the American people and 75 percent of their elected representatives to Congress.

“The rehearsed questions and prepared answers the American people will hear this week are nothing short of political theatre orchestrated by Nancy Pelosi’s impeachment Czar, Adam Schiff. These proceedings are not meant to get to the bottom of anything and are merely an attempt to check the box of transparency so House Democrats can continue their three-year-long coup and overturn the will of the people.

“Enough is enough. It’s time for this sham process to end and for Congress to move on to working for the benefit of the American people by passing things like the USMCA, truly bipartisan prescription drug reform, and measures to fully fund our military and take care of our veterans.”

Rep. Dan Meuser (R)

“The impeachment hearings are continuing despite the following: this is a highly biased process, the leading Democrat players have predetermined presumptions of guilt and have been untruthful about contact with the whistleblower, and there has been no evidence of quid pro quo. There has also been significant opportunity lost for America.”

Rep. Scott Perry (R)

“The radical left is relying on hearsay from two people who never spoke to the President about his dealings with Ukraine. As a Member of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, I’ve attended nearly all of the closed-door hearings in the SCIF. The American People clearly see what I saw all along: the accusations levied against the President are baseless. There was no quid-pro-quo,  and that fact hasn’t changed since day one. Radical partisans will stop at nothing to impeach the President in an effort to overturn the results of the 2016 election and undermine our electoral process for their own gain.”

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