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A U.S. army commander based in New Cumberland shares her journey into the U.S. military and encourages more women to enlist

Lt. Col. Fabienne Dennery is a commander at the Harrisburg Recruiting Battalion and says she owes her journey to her parents' resilience.

HARRISBURG, Pa. β€” Lt. Col. Dennery has served in the United States military for over 20 years.

Dennery has traveled the world while serving in the U.S. army and is grateful but says she owes her endeavors to her parents.

β€œIt was their determination and their work ethic and the love and support that they showed my sister and I," said Dennery, "plus all of my uncles and my aunts, that whole extended family, that brought my sister and I to where we are right now.”

Dennery says her upbringing and what she has learned in the military has brought her to the women she is today. 

This foundation has also made her want to encourage other women to enlist in the military.

"Every job that is available to their male counterparts is available to a female," she said.

Dennery explains careers in the military can carry on to aid in future endeavors after one serves.

"If you've spent four years in the military, now you've gotten experience and you have something you can put on your resume," Dennery said, "you've learned some new skills and attributes that the civilian world is looking for."

Although the road may be challenging, Dennery also hopes those interested understand that the road ahead will be rewarding. 

"The drill sergeant wants to make sure that when you leave his formation, you are ready," said Dennery, "that you're strong and that you have a good work ethic, and that you are physically fit and you are ready and whenever you join another group or another formation, that you're an asset to that formation."

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