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Fauci on origins of COVID-19, would support 9/11 commission-style investigation on US response

Dr. Anthony Fauci said during a CBS interview that aired Sunday, he's still focused on coronavirus animal to human transmission, and the Wuhan wet market theory.

Sunday on CBS, Dr. Anthony Fauci said he would be "astounded" if the U.S. did not seriously investigate the country's response to the COVID-19 pandemic, and look at what we did right, and what points we failed on.

When asked if he would support a 9/11 commission-style investigation into the country's response to the pandemic Fauci said, "Oh, I absolutely want one."

Speaking to Face the Nation's Margaret Brennan, Fauci said, "I don't think that the public should imagine that this is going to go through with already 760,000 Americans dying and 40 plus million at least being infected, close to six million people globally dying. And we're not going to look back at this and tear it apart, examine it, do an autopsy on it and try and figure out."

During the interview, Dr. Fauci said there is absolutely the possibility that we could see a fifth wave in the United States, as the country works to vaccinate more people.

On the origins of COVID-19, Fauci said he's still focused on the Wuhan wet market theory and the possibility of animal to human transmission when it comes to the coronavirus. 

When asked what he believes after China's government refuted the idea that the virus was transmitted to humans from inside the wet market itself Fauci responded and said, "I don't think you could say that. I don't think you can say that. I think you could say we don't know how and where it originated. There were wet markets in Wuhan that are ample opportunity for a virus to jump from an animal that gets brought in from all parts of China that are very closely related physically to bat enclaves in caves and come to the market. So I don't think anyone can say that it didn't come from here or it did come from here."  

Fauci also reiterated something he said has said before, that this pandemic and the virus the world has been fighting against is his "worst nightmare" that has now "come true."

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