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Check status of stimulus payments for Social Security beneficiaries

A large batch of payments were set to go out to federal beneficiaries in the first days of April. Here's how to check the status of those payments.

While the Internal Revenue Service is always busier than usual during the spring tax season, this year the agency is extraordinarily tied up. The agency is not only processing a backlog of tax filings, but is also facilitating the distribution of economic impact payments amid a pandemic. 

The challenges the IRS faces amid the continued battle against COVID-19 are exacerbated by the ongoing challenges the U.S. Postal Service has been facing as well. Recently the IRS announced that as they are sending out stimulus payments, a fresh batch would be going out to those receiving federal benefits, like Social Security recipients. 

The IRS said a large set of payments for those on Social Security retirement, survivor or disability, Supplemental Security Income, and Railroad Retirement Board would start going out Friday. For those individuals receiving payments electronically, they should arrive in accounts by Wednesday April 7 according to information released by the agency. The IRS should be updating the Get My Payment tool this weekend so tax payers can track these payments, the IRS said.

The agency still does not have a specific date for when Veterans Affairs beneficiaries will get their stimulus payments, but the target is mid-April. Those on VA benefits still cannot check the Get My Payment tool as of this weekend, the IRS said. 

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