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York woman given second chance to experience life at its fullest

The York native was given the opportunity to hear clearly again after she was gifted a set of hearing aids.

YORK, Pa. — A York woman who is hard of hearing was given a chance to hear clearly through the gift of hearing aids.

York native Susan Bordy, who has been hard of hearing for her entire life, finally hit her breaking point when she wasn't able to hear the words said at her own mother's funeral.

After deciding that she didn't want to miss any more of life's important moments, she was gifted life changing hearing aids through Hearing Life's campaign for better hearing, allowing her to hear clearly for the first time in decades.

"What we did for Susan was we got her the set of hearing aids that's was best for her hearing loss and she just gets to wear them and start enjoying her life, which is beautiful," said Hearing Specialist Kathleen Scheydt. 

"One thing I'm really excited about, I can't wait to go back to my grandkids and I'm anxious to hear them speaking to me without yelling at me," said Bordy.

The world health organization's world report on hearing says 1 in 4 people are projected to have hearing problems by 2050. 

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