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New Jersey man accused of exchanging sexual messages with 13-year-old York County girl

Richard Larriviere, 22, is charged with illegal contact with a minor, possession of child pornography, and related offenses, Northern York County Regional Police say
Credit: Northern York County Regional Police
Richard Larriviere

YORK COUNTY, Pa. — A 22-year-old New Jersey man is facing child pornography and related charges after an investigation by Northern York County Regional Police determined he was exchanging sexual messages with a 13-year-old York County girl.

Richard Larriviere, of Fair Lawn, NJ, allegedly asked the girl to send him nude photos of her and got the girl to masturbate on-camera during a Facetime chat, police say. He is charged with unlawful contact with a minor/sexual offenses, possession of child pornography, corruption of minors, and criminal use of a communication facility.

Police began investigating when the girl's father discovered her chatting with Larriviere in the early morning hours on Sept. 4. The girl had Larriviere's contact information saved into her phone as the name of a female friend, police say, but her father scrolled back through their old messages and discovered she had been sending nude photos to and having sexual conversations with Larriviere.

The victim's father told police he attempted to contact Larriviere's number several times, and later received a call back from Larriviere's father, who falsely told the victim's father that Larriviere was 17 years old and had believed the victim was older, according to police.

With the assistance of police in Fair Lawn, NJ, Northern York County Regional Police were able to determine Larriviere was actually 22 years old, police say.

The victim told police she had met Larriviere over social media about a month before and began exchanging messages with him via text, voice calls and Facetime. The victim told police she initially told Larriviere she was 15 years old, but later admitted she was 13. 

The victim said Larriviere initially told her he was 22 years old, but when she admitted to him she was 13 he changed his age to 17, police say.

The victim admitted she sent nude photos of herself to Larriviere and that she performed a sex act on herself in a Facetime video. Larriviere allegedly asked her to continue repeating she was 13 years old while performing the act, police say.

During their last discussions before police were alerted, the victim and Larriviere allegedly discussed meeting in-person to have sex, police say. 

During an interview with police in New Jersey, Larriviere allegedly admitted to deleting all of his exchanges with the victim from his phone. He allegedly told police he believed the girl was 16 years old but had concerns she was younger, and should have ceased conversations with her. He also allegedly admitted to receiving nude photos and a video from the girl, police say.

Larriviere allegedly admitted that his father called the victim's father and lied about Larriviere's age in an attempt to keep him from getting in trouble, police say.