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Police issue reminder: Don't let your car idle unattended to 'warm it up' in the winter

Spring Garden Township Police in York County say officers have already investigated two auto thefts this month involving unattended vehicles left idling.
Credit: FOX43

YORK COUNTY, Pa. — After receiving multiple stolen vehicle reports this month, a York County police department is reminding residents not to leave their vehicles idling unattended to warm them up in the frigid winter mornings.

Spring Garden Township Police say that of the three stolen vehicle investigations its officers have launched since the beginning of January, two have involved vehicles that were unattended while idling.

"We urge motorists not to leave their vehicles unattended while running, or while keys are in the vehicle," the department said in a press release. "In addition to being an easy target for a car thief, leaving an unattended vehicle running is also illegal throughout Pennsylvania."

Vehicle owners should also avoid leaving any valuables lying in plain sight in their cars, the department said. Drivers should also not leave a spare key in the vehicle, which could aid a potential thief.

Here are some other tips from the American Automobile Association to help avoid vehicle theft:

  • Lock your car: Even without car keys, thieves are more likely to steal a car left unlocked.
  • Park your vehicle in a well-lit area: At home, at the mall or on the road, it's always safe to find a parking space in an area where suspicious activity would be noticeable.
  • Use visible theft deterrents: Brake pedal locks or audible alarm systems are known to cut down on vehicle thefts.
  • Tracking devices can help authorities locate your vehicle if it has been stolen.

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