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World War II veteran to celebrate 100th birthday

Thomas Taylor is set to celebrate his centennial birthday and faculty from Butler Senior Living want the community to celebrate with him.

DAUPHIN COUNTY, Pa. — A World War II veteran is getting ready to celebrate another birthday, but he has no idea about the special gifts he’ll soon receive.

Thomas Taylor, is about to celebrate his 100th birthday.

Taylor’s friends and family are already extending birthday wishes, but faculty from Butler Street Senior Living thought he should hear many more.

“It’s just always special when you get that next year, you know, it doesn’t have to be a big milestone, it’s ‘you’ve made it another year, you’re sounded by loved one,’ what’s not to celebrate,” says Tori Grizzle, head concierge of the senior living center.

The center posted a message on Facebook, asking for thoughtful cards to help Thomas celebrate the milestone.

“You’ve got these different people enjoying your birthday, it means a lot when you get that age and have all these people enjoying it, I think it’s just a natural thing,” described Taylor.

Staff members wanted enough cards to match his years, hoping 100 would show up for his birthday. But the community has already exceeded their expectations.

“So far we have actually surpassed the one-hundred letters,” said Grizzle.

“I got some cards, I don’t even know who the people are, you know so some people are sending me cards because I was on Facebook,” said Taylor.

But reaching 100 years hasn’t been easy, especially after fighting in one of the world’s most costly conflicts.

Even after his time overseas, Thomas faced more challenges, such as dealing with the deaths of his wife and son.

But Thomas said he continued to live and work, creating a fulfilling life. 

“When you’re having problems don’t let them get to you, just stick them out and try to realize what you can do, if you can do something do it, if you can’t don’t try and overload yourself,” said Taylor.

He says his inbox is still open.

“If anyone wants to send me a card they can send me a card, I’d be glad to read it and enjoy it while I’m still on this earth,” says Taylor.

Taylor shared a closing thought with FOX43.

“I guess it’s been a good life and I just have a good reaction to it you know,” said Taylor.

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