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Wolf Administration has yet to release the state data that led to the decision to increase restrictions on bars and restaurants

State officials say, the data exists, but have not said if they will release it.

HARRISBURG, Pa. — A week after the Wolf Administration announced new restrictions on bars and restaurant, the state has yet to release its state data on what led to the decision.

In the past week, we've been asking for the specific state data that led the Wolf Administration to make that decision, but the administration hasn't given us a straight answer as to what the data is and if they will release it. 

"I don't have tables that can tell you that this bar has had this many patients," said Department of Health Secretary Dr. Rachel Levine. "But we have data from our contract tracing, Allegheny County has data from its contract tracing about restaurants bars clubs etc, which is why we took that action."

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Dr. Levine says, the state does not have the data showing the exact bars, restaurants and nightclubs linked to cases but has general data on it, and that data does exist. While the state has yet to release it, the Allegheny Health Department released what it has. It shows new cases have been linked to young people visiting bars, restaurants and nightclubs. 

We asked once more during Thursday's press conference if the department will release the data, "We'll be glad to look at it and consider it," said Dr. Levine.

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