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Why Pennsylvania's gas prices are often high

Experts say Pa.'s prices are often in the top 10 for most expensive gas.

YORK COUNTY, Pa. — It's a pain at the pump when Pennsylvanians are looking at gas prices.

Gas prices are climbing steadily ahead of the holiday season. 

"Gas prices are high because the demand is high and supply is low," said AAA's Doni Lee Spiegel.

The prices are so high it's causing some people to drive to Maryland to buy cheaper fuel.

"Why would I go to a gas pump right here and pay more when I can go right across the border and pay less," said Driver Sam Kalina.

As of October 25th in Pennsylvania, it costs $3.56 for a gallon of regular fuel which is the tenth highest in the nation behind the District of Columbia.

To fill up using regular fuel, it costs 0.18 cents more per gallon in Pennsylvania when compared to the national average. In Maryland gas is $3.36 per gallon.

"I get better gas mileage there for some reason," said one driver.

Experts say the cost of gas in the keystone state is elevated because it includes at least 0.70 cents in combined federal and state taxes for roadway and bridge repair.

"Pennsylvania has over 25,000 bridges and that's the 3rd highest state in the U.S." said Spiegel.

PennDOT uses at least 78 percent of the tax money generated to cover those resources but experts say the amount the department receives annually falls short from the amount needed. One reason is due more people choosing  electric vehicles or hybrids to get around.

Some people say they don't see how the taxes are making a difference.

"I think Pennsylvania roads are atrocious. Especially back roads. Pennsylvania has a lot of back roads and I don't think they get the attention they deserve at all," said Kalina.

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