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"The Path of the Mindful Teacher" talking openly about increasing work burn-out issues

A Lancaster County educator is addressing, and hoping to offer solutions, to an issue that those in the classroom have faced long before the Coronavirus pandemic.

DENVER, Pa. — Teachers have felt the pressure of giving their all in the classroom, since long before we knew what "COVID-19" even was.

Danielle Nuhfer, a 20-year veteran teacher at Cocalico High School in Lancaster County & teaching wellness coach, knows what it's like to feel completely empty and burnt out, after just attempting to give her students the best education possible.

"When I first started teaching 20 years ago, being busy - being stressed... That was like a badge of honor for teachers," Danielle said.

Now Danielle says that stress has only been amplified.

"This has to be my most difficult year of teaching, and I don't say that lightly, because I've had some rough years."

Using her own experience - she wanted to offer educators a potential path for those who feel like they don't know how to find the perfect work-life balance. That's how she started to write her first book in 2018.

"What I want to do with this book was just to basically give teachers a process where they could have both a personal and professional life that was full, and not think that I have to be stressed in order to be a good teacher or a burn out as part of my job," Danielle said while talking about her first book. 

"The Path of the Mindful Teacher" goes over the basics of mindfulness, and works to integrate those practices into a classroom setting, as well as personal life.

"If we don't have well teachers, we're not going to have well students. It just isn't going to work," Danielle added.

While this book is aimed at helping educators, Danielle believes it can help plenty of people who may not be in the teaching field. Teaching is just where her personal experience lies.

"The Path of the Mindful Teacher" will be released on July 13th, however, you can pre-order a copy now here.

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