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York residents react to Sheetz offering Unleaded 88 gas for $1.99 a gallon through Thanksgiving Week

The alternative gas is nearly $2.00 cheaper than regular gas across Pennsylvania.

YORK, Pa. — Cars are lining up for gas across the Commonwealth today, preparing for upcoming holiday travel. The price of gas, however, is causing headaches among drivers.

“This one is a gas guzzler," said Robert Peters, a resident of York. "I usually spend $60 to $70 a week on my car.”

Gas prices across Pa. hover around $4.00 a gallon entering Thanksgiving Week, compared to $3.59 at this time last year. Increased gas prices are causing some people to reconsider holiday travel.

“One survey, in particular, said that 2 out of 10 Americans were thinking that they weren’t going to travel, due to the cost of fuel," said Nick Ruffner, a spokesperson for Sheetz. "We took a look and thought there was some way we could do to help make sure people could get out and see their family and friends.”

Sheetz is offering Unleaded 88 gas for $1.99 the entire week of Thanksgiving, a near two-dollar difference from Regular 87 gas. Ruffner says Unleaded 88 is a cheaper and environmentally cleaner alternative fuel.

“In addition to that, it helps the engine because it has a higher-octane level compared to 87 gasoline, so it also helps boost horsepower as well," said Ruffner.

The cheaper gas is causing higher traffic at the Sheetz along Arsenal Road in York, with people quickly taking advantage of the deal.

“I told a bunch of people at work that I’d heard about it on the news," said Holly Benton, a resident of York. "I wasn’t sure if I believed it or not.”

“Gas has been going up and up, but with this being $1.99 it’s making a big difference," said Peters.

Unleaded 88 gas can be used in car models as old as 2001. It’s recommended to consult your driver’s manual before filling up with alternative fuel.

The deal is only available at a select number of Sheetz locations. You can find which locations are offering Unleaded 88 by going to their website.

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