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Ted Cruz stumps for Dave McCormick in Luzerne County

Senator Ted Cruz is campaigning across the state with Senate candidate Dave McCormick.

WILKES-BARRE TOWNSHIP, Pa. — Senator Ted Cruz made a stop in Luzerne County this morning. The Republican from Texas is on the campaign trail with Senate candidate Dave McCormick.

McCormick is out to replace retiring Senator Pat Toomey. He's up against Dr. Mehmet Oz and Kathy Barnette. It's a close race, and it just got closer in the last week, with Barnette suddenly rising in the polls.

Sen. Cruz and McCormick drew a large crowd to the Wilkes-Barre Township fire hall for a campaign rally. Cruz says he's supporting "the most conservative candidate who can win."

"If we win in Pennsylvania, Republicans will re-take the Senate and retire Chuck Schumer. If we lose in Pennsylvania, Chuck Schumer probably stays majority leader. So the stakes are - the entire country is counting on the men and women of Pennsylvania," the senator said.

Former President Trump endorsed Dr. Mehmet Oz last month. 

"In any given race, different people will make different endorsements. As for why, you'd have to ask them," Sen. Cruz said. 

As for why voters should support McCormick instead, Cruz said - "Look to the records of who actually will stand and fight and defend the principles you believe in. 

On the issue of inflation, McCormick blamed Biden's policies, and says he plans to do three things to get the economy back on track: stop excessive spending, unlock energy, and implement pro-growth policies.

"I think voters are asking 3 questions - who shares their conservative values, who can win, and who's going to go to Washington and on day one, be able to undo the crisis we're in," McCormick said.