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Inflation impacting hair salons

The owner of a hair salon in Schuylkill Haven shares how they are facing a new set of challenges with increased prices.

SCHUYLKILL HAVEN, Pa. — Jennifer Hower has owned Shearlogix in Schuylkill Haven for almost four years. She says this is the most expensive it's ever been to operate a salon.

The everyday products her salon uses are not only pricier, they're harder to find.

"Now, it's difficult to order things. Like, I spend time on the phone, I call one supplier, the next supplier, and try to find everything I need for these girls to stay busy, make a living, and pay their bills," said Hower.

Shearlogix isn't the only salon struggling. Two West hair salon in Shenandoah says it's resorted to going to the dollar store for hair foils since the typical supplier is either too expensive or sold out. 

In response to inflated prices, Shearlogix increased prices by 10 percent, something Hower has pushed off for two and a half years despite the pandemic.

"I hate to put the prices up. It's not my favorite thing to do, but I want the girls to be able to afford the gas in their cars to come to work. So it's something we've just had to go with," she added.

Hower says she also increased prices to look out for her employees, helping them make ends meet with the increased cost of living.

"The girls are so talented and put so much into their work that I don't want to see them discount their work, but we want to be good to people as well," Hower said.

While she feels guilty about increasing prices, Hower hopes her loyal customers will continue to come to her salon.

"I hope people understand why we have to do it and respect us for doing it and holding off for a really long time. It's been two and a half years," she said.

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