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Stay away from screens: Area expert says it has to be done

Staying away from screens can be tough, especially after the health crisis forced many to work and learn from home. But one local expert says it has to be done.

CLARKS SUMMIT, Pa. — Get off those screens and get outside -- that’s the advice from a psychologist and child expert from Lackawanna County.

As the weather warms up and more and more kids return to school buildings to learn, Karina Sheehan says it is important we think about the mental health issues many may still be struggling with.

“There are remaining effects of the stress people were feeling due to the changes during the pandemic, economic stress, childcare stress, and I think there are lasting effects of that going on for most people I’ve talked to," said Sheehan of Apple Tree Educational Associates.

The pandemic has taken its toll, and Sheehan says right now, many need to safely get outside, socialize more, and cut back on screen time.

"We have become, adults and kids alike, we have become way too dependent on screen time, and so for the mental health of everybody, it’s important we move away from our screens and get outside and get around people where we can socialize because I think it can help everybody.”

Sheehan says limiting time on cell phones, computers, tablets, video games, and more can be really tough, especially for kids, but she said it can make a world of difference.

“I think as kids move away from being on electronics and move toward, especially with the summer coming up, being outside, we’re definitely going to see a welcome boost we all need.”

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