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Rite Aid fundraiser will support local children hospitals to help provide life-saving care and services

Customers can donate during every in-store transaction at Rite Aid.

Rite Aid has launched its 27th annual in-store customer fundraising campaign to support Children's Miracle Network Hospitals this month.

Organizers say all funds donated by customers will benefit 53 local children's hospitals to provide lifesaving care, healthcare services, innovative research pediatric medical equipment and financial assistance for kids in Rite Aid communities.  

Customers can donate during every in-store transaction at Rite Aid.

The campaign will run from Aug. 1 through Aug. 28.

"The ripple effects of donations impact nearly every aspect of treatment and services for children's hospitals, and without the help of caring partners like Rite Aid, many may face significant impacts in the short- and long-term," says Teri Nestel, president and CEO of Children's Miracle Network Hospitals, according to a press release. 

Chris Altman, Rite Aid's director of immunization program, says supporting these children will help our society in the coming years.

"The future development and the future of tomorrow lies and rests in these children," says  Altman."We really need to make sure they're supported now so they can continue to thrive and get to that point in their lives."

About one in 25 hospitals is a children’s hospital. Children’s hospitals serve larger geographies than adult hospitals, according to the Children's Hospital Association.

Children's Miracle Network Hospitals reports raising funds to support the health of 10 million kids each year across the U.S. and Canada. Hospital officials say 62 children enter a Children's Miracle Network Hospital every minute.

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