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Rain or shine: The York State Fair continues despite weather

Organizers with the York State Fair say they usually make decisions closer to when the weather is expected to hit.

YORK, Pa. — Monday’s forecast was for rain, wind & thunder and organizers for the York State Fair were paying attention. 

Since the fair is a largely outdoor event, organizers say they make sure to plan ahead as much as they can so everyone can still enjoy all the fair has to offer. 

“We do have a 911 call center on the lot, so we do have the weather radar being tracked 24/7, so they do let us know an hour or two hours ahead of time. so we can plan and let everybody know via the vendors and the customers," said Montgomery Stambaugh, the Communications Director at the York State Fair. 

Organizers with the fair say they usually make decisions closer to when the weather is expected to hit.

“If there is lightning, we do tell everybody to take shelter and we do shut down, until the lightning stops," said Stambaugh. "If there is a storm coming, we do let everybody know and once that hits, we make announcements through the pa system to take cover if it’s need be.” 

Vendors also make decisions depending on the conditions.

“If it’s a light rain, it’s not too bad," Stambaugh said. "But once we hit severe thunderstorms, or heavy winds, people will tend to lower their tents. just to be safer, so no one gets injured."

Their advice for customers is to always come prepared.

“Bring an umbrella if you would like, we do have multiple buildings that you can hide in, but just be aware of your surroundings," said Stambaugh. 

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