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'You are working against us'| Protesters express frustration after property damage following protests

Protesters have strong words for anyone who caused damage after their demonstrations.

GREENSBORO, N.C. — Downtown Greensboro was filled with protesters.

The chanting of the names of George Floyd, Ahmaud Aubrey and other unarmed blacks, who have been killed rang throughout the city all weekend.

Saturdays protest organizer Anthony Morgan said it was beautiful to see.

“I feel like we did a great job honoring these people's names," Morgan said. “It wasn’t just black people it was all people saying these names.”

Morgan said his protest ended at 10 p.m. that night, and shortly after what was a peaceful push for justice turned hectic.  

The International Civil Right Center and Museum and other downtown businesses were damaged. 

“I want the public to be clear that there are people out there that are working against us to make this look like we can’t hold the peace," Morgan said, "They’re agitating these people throwing things through the civil rights museum." 

Morgan said that's not what he wanted to see. 

 He believes there are people working against the peaceful protesters so that the message of justice and peace is lost.

The question still remains who, who’s doing this and why?

 “If you are out there just vandalizing to let your anger out please do it a different way you are working against people that are putting their lives on the line for this,” Morgan said.

Greensboro Police chief Brian James said many of the protesters from the day like Morgan left and two new waives of what he called ‘protesters’ came downtown later that night.

“What can we do about people who come from outside our community and instead of promoting peace, promote destruction?” James said.

Greensboro Police said they plan to use community relationships and their intelligence section tasked at gathering information to find out who those responsible are.

They’ll look to see if surveillance video captured anything.

They’ll also look through social media videos to find out who’s turning peaceful protest into an unsafe place for the people of Greensboro.


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