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Plan to get the COVID-19 vaccine? This app let's you tell the CDC how you feel after the shot

The CDC has launched a web-based app that allows people to submit personalized reports on how the vaccination makes them feel and any possible side effects.

Want to share how you feel after you get your COVID-19 vaccination? There's an app for that. 

The CDC has launched a web-based app called 'V-Safe' that allows anyone who has received the shot to submit personalized reports on how the vaccine made them feel and if they experienced any potential side effects.

"As they (the CDC) learn more and more about the vaccine they can provide information on how it will impact other populations: if you've got different conditions, if you're younger, if you're older, what you can expect," said Chadd Blannett at Hershey Pharmacy and HersheyCare Pharmacy. 

Hershey and HersheyCare Pharmacies received doses of the Moderna vaccine just last week and have been administering those doses to skilled nursing facilities and physicians.

"I'm sure you've seen these all over the internet, every social media page," said Blannett holding up the vaccination cards everyone receives when they get the COVID-19 vaccine. "The cool thing to do is post that you got your vaccine and show your registration card or your sticker." 

Along with that COVID-19 vaccination card, however, he said people will also receive paperwork informing them about the 'V-Safe' app. He said people who want to use the app can create an account and submit the information on their vaccination card. The user will then receive a reminder of when they are due for the second dose of the vaccine and will get alerts for opportunities to submit personalized health reports.

"What's really cool about it is they will then send you updates and ask you questions about your health status," he said.

Experts remind everyone the vaccines have been proven up to 95% effective and that most people experience only a sore arm as a side effect.

On Monday, leaders with the federal government's 'Operation Warp Speed' announced plans to move onto the next phase of the rollout that will open the vaccine to more people in high risk categories. They said nearly 700,000 vaccines have been administered nationwide daily.