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Pennsylvania elections roundup Oct. 6: the updates you need to know this week

Your Pennsylvania elections updates for Oct. 6.

HARRISBURG, Pa. — Five weeks until the Pennsylvania elections, here are some updates:

Two candidates in the state’s biggest races—Democratic candidate for governor Josh Shapiro and Republican candidate for Senate Mehmet Oz—spoke at a Pennsylvania Chamber of Business and Industry dinner on Monday.

Of equal significance, though, were the two candidates who were invited but did not attend—Republican candidate for governor Doug Mastriano and Democratic candidate for Senate John Fetterman.

Both no-show candidates drew criticism from high-profile members of their own respective parties.

Former Democratic National Committeewoman Donna Brazile spoke on Fetterman’s absence at the event: “This is the truth. He should have been here. He should have been here. But he’s not. So I’ll make it up and say his campaign is alive and well. He’s alive and well, thank the lord, and I wish him the very best. But he has to show up to get the votes.”

Former Republican New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie explained why the Republican Governors Association, which he co-chairs, has so far chosen not to fund Doug Mastriano’s campaign.

“We don’t pay for landslides and we don’t fund a lost cause,” Christie said. “It is not the job of the RGA and the national donors to take someone who’s not in a race from a numbers perspective and put him in the race.”

Gubernatorial race

Doug Mastriano spent $1 million on his first ad buy of the campaign, highlighting his time in the military.

Josh Shapiro, meanwhile, has spent $42.7 million on ads, a state record for a gubernatorial race.

Senate race

The Associated Press reported John Fetterman missed a third of state Senate session days in 2021, even though presiding over the Senate is one of the lieutenant governor’s chief duties.

The Fetterman campaign responded to the article, saying many of the missed meetings happened while Fetterman was attending Board of Pardons hearings as part of his efforts to reform the criminal justice system.

Gov. Tom Wolf said in a statement,

“John is a dedicated public servant who has supported my priorities over the past four years. The lieutenant governor's office has limited responsibilities but he has taken significant actions in office, including a 67-county tour to explore legalization of adult recreational use marijuana and by committing to criminal justice reform by reforming the pardons process.”

In the last months, Fetterman has seen his double-digit lead in the polls over Oz shrink to within the margin of error.

You can find more information on candidates, important dates and how to register to vote on our Election Guide page. 

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