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Paintball is making its mark this summer at Roundtop | Travel Smart

A York County ski resort is keeping its doors open for business to provide summertime activities for guests.

YORK COUNTY, Pa. — Even when the snow melts, the fun doesn't end at one York County ski resort.

Roundtop Mountain Resort is keeping their doors open during the summer to keep business going through the off season and provide summer activities the whole family can enjoy.  

Andy DeBrunner, Manager of Marketing and Communications at Roundtop Mountain Resort said that many people who enjoy skiing in the winter also come to Roundtop to enjoy what their summer season offers.

“There’s never really an off season at Roundtop, there is always something going on,” DeBrunner said.  

During these sweltering months, one of the top draws at Roundtop Mountain Resort is paintball. 

“Now we’re leaning into paintball season. Anytime people are looking to get together, paintball is kind of a nice backdrop activity,” DeBrunner said. 

Visitors come geared up in camo and goggles, ready to hit one of the seven paintball fields Roundtop offers. 

“It gets you out, it gets you enjoying the outdoors, there’s a little bit of the aspect of competition too which is a lot of fun,”DeBrunner said. 

After being cooped up at home during the pandemic, people are ready to get out and experience an outdoor adventure. 

“Everybody loves it. Paintball is fun, it’s something that is a little bit different,"DeBrunner said. 

Many ski resorts in Pennsylvania take advantage of the summer months to bring more people in the door and continue business during the offseason. 

“It doesn’t necessarily make sense for every resort. It’s a lot to get things up and rolling and building things out. But for Roundtop it makes a ton of sense,” DeBrunner said.

These months can be very lucrative for resorts who stay open and provide summertime adventures to guests. 

“We have the land to do it. We have tons of acreage and we have been able to develop over the years,” DeBrunner said. 

And if you build it, they will come.

“That's ultimately what it’s about, creating great experiences for our guests whether the sun is out, or it’s snowing,” DeBrunner said. 

Roundtop Mountain resort recommends booking in advance for paintball. 

Check out their website for more information.


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