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Upgrades to Pennsylvania's unemployment system are underway

The Department of Labor and Industry's new system is expected to launch on June 8th.

HARRISBURG, Pa. — Pennsylvania's unemployment system now in the process of getting an upgrade.

"We wanted to make this process to the best benefit possible so individuals will not receive a delay in their benefits," said Jennifer Berrier, the acting secretary of the PA Department of Labor and Industry. 

From May 30th until June 7th, Pennsylvanians cannot file any new unemployment claims.

"We have noticed a decrease in the filing of new unemployment claims so we're really minimizing the impact of this as far as new claimants are concerned," said Berrier.

People who are filing bi-weekly or weekly claims will not be able to do so between June 3rd through June 7th. 

The Department of Labor and Industry says no matter what your filing schedule used to be, you can file those claims now through June 2nd.

This is all because the department of labor and industry is upgrading its 40-year-old system.

Berrier said, "It was held together with rubber bands and duct tape, and it truly was and we were holding our breath every time we had to alter our system to make a federal change to it. There's going to be no more holding our breath. "

The phone and email system will still be up and running.

So if you have an issue, you can still call.

As a reminder, this will not impact Pandemic Unemployment Assistance or PUA.

"If individuals follow the appropriate directions they will not experience a delay," said the acting secretary.

On June 8th, the new system is scheduled will go live.

The department is also holding some training sessions for people to understand how to use that new system.