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Pa. lawmakers call for suspending gas tax

Rep. Tony DeLuca supports suspending state gas tax until the end of 2022

YORK, Pa. — With the Biden administration calling for a three-month federal gas tax holiday, several Pennsylvania lawmakers are calling for similar action for the state gas tax.

Pennsylvania currently has a 58 cent tax on gasoline and a 74 cent tax on diesel, the highest state taxes on gas in the United States.

Democratic State Representative Tony DeLuca fully supports suspending Pennsylvania’s gas taxes. He introduced legislation back in March that would suspend the state gas tax until the end of 2022.

DeLuca says suspending the gas tax would bring much needed relief to Pennsylvanians ahead of peak driving season.

“I think that would give us a great opportunity to help our citizens out there," said DeLuca. “I think it’s about time we start taking care of the average mom and pop out there, every citizen out there, and give them a break. They just can’t afford what is going on today.”

Republican State Senator Jake Corman also introduced legislation aimed at providing relief at the pump. Corman’s bill would cut the state gas tax by a third through the rest of the year.

As the General Assembly wrestles with how to deal with Pennsylvania’s $15 trillion budget surplus, DeLuca argues a portion of the money should be used to help Pennsylvanians save money on gas.

"(Republicans) want to put it in a rainy-day fund in case the economy goes bad. You know what, people are hurting today," explained DeLuca. "They can’t wait another year or two to see if the economy is going bad, while we hoard their tax dollars.”

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