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Local and national officials highlight National Teen Driver Safety Week

Officials are reminding parents to have key conversations with their teens about safety on the roads.

DAUPHIN COUNTY, Pa. — From October 17 through 23, the U.S. Department of Transportation along with local officials will highlight teen driver safety.

According to the department, the leading cause of death to teens ages 15 to 18 are caused by motor vehicle crashes and make up more than 25% of traffic related deaths.

Teens make up a significant amount of drivers on the roads as more than 60% of adolescents received their license before the age of 18 in 2019.

There are multiple factors that can lead to teenagers being distracted on roads. Because of this, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has six rules parents should talk to their children about before they hit the roads. 

The administration says following rules like these and guiding your child in the graduated driver licensing system can reduce crash risks by 50%.

  • No cell phones while driving
  • No speeding.
  • No drowsy driving
  • No passengers
  • No alcohol
  • Always buckle up 

Abiding by the basic safety procedures can give teens and their parents better safety habits and protect others on the roads.

These rules are accompanied by statistics to show how teens have been impacted by not following them. 

Ten percent of teen drivers who were involved in fatal crashes were distracted. In general, teens pose a greater risk when driving with passengers. Passengers pose as a distraction by taking the attention of drivers off roads and into conversations with friends. 

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says texting and driving makes crashes nearly a quarter more likely to happen. They also say it is a serious safety hazard when inclement weather arises making it all the more difficult to see.

In addition, almost 1/3 involved were speeding and teen drivers made up one out of every 10 drowsy driving crashes. 

Teenagers who have consumed alcohol make up 1 out of 5 teen drivers involved in fatal crashes. Finally, over half of passengers killed in cars were driven by teen drivers who were not wearing a seatbelt.

Parents can find more of these tips highlighted by the U.S. Department of Transportation right here

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