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Big things come in small packages | On the Bright Side

A Harrisburg 9-year-old connected with internet personality Hasbulla to raise awareness for dwarfism.

HARRISBURG, Pa. — You may recognize 9-year-old Isaac Pruitt from his TikTok.

His passion for the police started when he just 2 years old.

"I saw a cop and I just fell in love," said Isaac.

His viral videos highlight his patrolmen skills and infectious personality. They've allowed him to enjoy some unique opportunities with state and local police departments.

But his online presence also brings awareness to his condition: pituitary growth hormone deficiency, or dwarfism.

Isaac bears a striking resemblance to another internet personality with dwarfism, Hasbulla Magomedov.

"He's just super cool,” said Isaac. “And we look alike, too!"

While the response to his videos from people online is overwhelmingly positive, sometimes, the world can be a negative place.

"They kept on calling me Hasbulla,” said Isaac. “So, we made a video, and it just went viral."

But social media is also a great way for people to connect.

Hasbulla and his team saw Isaac's video and sent him special merchandise.

Isaac and Hasbulla don't just look alike. They’re both showing the world they can do amazing things and raising awareness for dwarfism.

Isaac's parents are proud of the role model he's become.

“To show them no matter how small you are, you can still achieve anything,” said his father, Troy Pruitt.

Isaac hopes to meet Hasbulla next time he’s in the states.

Besides his "police work," he’s been busy working on new music.

To see Isaac’s TikToks, head here.

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