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K9 team reunited in Northumberland County

The team had an emotional reunion on Saturday.

It was an emotional day for Officer Derkowski and retired K9 Flynn, as the two were reunited for the first time in 19 months at K9 Hero Haven near Herndon. 

"I was nervous whether or not he was going to remember me, you know, excited but nervous, and relieved once I could tell he knew who I was," said Derkowski.

Officer Derkowski works as a police officer in upstate New York. 

He and the Belgian Malinois worked together for several years as a Police Narcotics K9 team. 

Flynn is a very active dog, and even in retirement, that posed a challenge for Derkowski because, at the time, he and his wife were raising two young daughters. 

"It was difficult not bringing him to work every day and realizing that something had to give and it couldn't have been my wife and kids, so it was tough watching him leave," said Derkowski.

But after time went by, along with many sleepless nights and conversations with his wife, Derkowski says it was time to bring the pup home.  

"You know we spent a lot of time together. We were very busy, I worked afternoon shift with him, and it was constant motion, constant calls, and there was always something to do and the times where I needed him, you know to actually be there before another police officer showed up to help me. He was there for me, and I owe it to him," said Derkowski.

Officer Derkowski owes his thanks to K9 Hero Haven and Flynn, who was always there when he needed back up. Derkowski says now it's his turn. 

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