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North Middleton Township adjusts farmland rezoning proposal

The Board of Supervisors voted to adopt a change to the zoning proposal that would turn 150+ acres of farmland into a potential warehouse.

CARLISLE, Pa. — A compromise was struck at the North Middleton Township meeting Thursday night, potentially protecting the area’s farmland. 

A recent proposal by Vision Group Ventures would rezone 150+ acres of farmland to make way for a brand-new warehouse. The proposal is unpopular among some residents.

"It's going to cause more up-and-down traffic with 18-wheelers up here than we need in this area," said Sherry Mancuso, who lives on Newville Road in North Middleton Township.

"Anybody who lives in this community knows we really don't need another warehouse," said Ashton Nichols, who lives on McClures Gap Road.

On Tuesday, the township's planning commission voted to change the zoning proposal by taking out the industrial development. That vote was reaffirmed by the Board of Supervisors. The change would effectively kill the warehouse plan.

The move was praised by every resident in attendance at the meeting.

“This is the absolute best outcome we could’ve hoped for," said Rick Hoover, who lives in North Middleton Township. “We are here, and we voiced our opinion. This is the majority of the people, we came out and they listened.”

“We give a lot of credit to the board for listening to what the planning commission said and what their public had said," said Nathan Wolf, an attorney representing 20 North Middleton Township residents. “We did what the democratic process is supposed to do, what public participation is supposed to do.”

The proposal will now be put out for public comment before the Board of Supervisors reconvenes for a final vote at a later date.

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