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Non-profit organizations are facing a challenge: lack of volunteers

The number of volunteers Tabby Trappers, a cat-rescue non-profit, had in April of 2020 was more than double what they have right now.

YORK, Pa. — Tabby Trappers, a non-profit organization dedicated to humanly trapping and speutering cats to reduce the feline population, currently has three volunteers working on the streets. 

“Volunteer base has just dwindled to just a few passionate ones that were the ones who implemented this [organization] from the start," said Miles Buttrill from Tabby Trappers. 

The number of volunteers they had in April of 2020, was more than double what they have right now.

“The individuals that wanted to help in the pandemic feel like they don’t have time anymore," said Buttrill.

She says with the small number of volunteers they have, they have to take it day by day.

“We put together a game plan. [For example] we say, 'we can do this group here, and we can do this group next week,' but the four, five others that are waiting, have to continue to wait until the availability shows up," said Buttrill. 

The Movement of York, a non-profit organization in the city says they have also been struggling to get volunteers.

They have about five volunteers but need about 10 to 15. 

“We need the help constantly. We really do," said Tonya Larry with The Movement. 

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