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Housing market setting trends never seen before

McCallister and Myers agree that the last year has put South Central PA on the map -- becoming a more desirable place to live.

YORK COUNTY, Pa. — The housing market is hot. Listings are going fast and buyers are running out of patience to find a home. 

"People realized if they were going to be locked inside of a house for another eight weeks, that may not be the house they want to be locked in at anymore," explained Adam McCallister, a Broker Specialist of McCallister & Myers Real Estate Services. 

McCallister is also the co-owner with Broker, Rob Myers. They say that's what partially kick started the real estate boom in 2020. 

A perfect storm they call it -- of low interest rates, the millennial market surpassing the boomer market, and the pandemic. 

Fast forward to today, and not much has changed. Home buyers aren't as picky because the choices are few and far between. 

"Uh.. Homes that have walls a ceiling and a door," McCallister laughed. 

That's not the only thing making the real estate market unusual right now. Buyers are waiving home inspections to make their offers more appealing. 

It's something brokers advise against -- since you can't always physically see what could be wrong with a home. 

"Our agents in our office have clients sign a document that basically says we stood on a chair, we basically waived our arms in the air... going please don't do this.. and they still want to do it.. you know, so yes we have had it happen," explained Myers. 

He says they are seeing people put offers in from 10, 20, even 30 thousand dollars over the listing price. McCallister and Myers agree that the last year has put South Central PA on the map -- becoming a more desirable place to live.  

"South Central Pennsylvania, York, Mechanicsburg, Harrisburg region was in the top five regions for folks to move to," McCallister explained. 

"It's a great area great community, but again you have to be prepared for what you're about to step in to when it comes to buying a home," said Myers.

For those looking to buy a home right now -- McCallister and Myers encourage you to have patience, connect with a local lender, and stick to a budget. Myers adds, to keep in mind that not every house is worth winning. 

Both agree that it's important buyers are thinking "long term" when it comes to purchasing a home, especially when people are paying well over top dollar right now. 

They say chances are, you might not get that money back if you go to sell within a few years. 

For those who are thinking about selling right now, Myers and McCallister advise that you have a plan in place like staying with friends or family close by -- especially if you don't have another home already purchased. 

You can connect more with McCallister and Myers on their website