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Having virtual fun with mom this Mother's Day

Mother's Day will be a little different this year for many.

Mother's Day will be a little bit different this year.

Amid the COVID-19 Pandemic, you'll likely be spending the day apart from Mom, but there are still fun things you can do together.

Renee Patrone from Party Host Helpers broke down some of the following ideas on FOX43 Morning News:

1. Virtual Wine Tasting

Ship, drop off or have curbside pick-up for a few different wines from red to rose to white to bubbles.  Add cheese, crackers, strawberries and chocolate to help enhance the experience.  Do the virtual tasting over technology, in person (if isolating together) or try it on Wine.com - they have several free virtual wine tastings available!

2. Virtual Chocolate Tasting - Same as the wine; get the chocolate to your mother.  There are some "chocolate" kits out there for the gourmet palette but you could also contact your local candy store for a curbside pickup or do an order of your favorite, classic bars like Hershey's and Snickers.  Add some fancy paper plates and fun pairings like a bottle of red wine or some gourmet pretzels to add some salt.

3. Virtual Paint Night - We all miss those fun paint night outs with girlfriends, but now you can bring that fun right into your own home.  You can order canvas's, paint and brushes online or do a curbside pickup at your local art supply/office supply store.  If you do an internet search, there are plenty of paint instruction available - some free some for a small fee.  You can all join around your laptops and computers and compare your art work at the end!

4.  Self Care Kit - Drop off a self care kit to the mom in your life.  Fill up a basket with some of her favorite things like nail polish, nail polish remove, hair products and we made our own sugar scrub with items in our pantry.  Just take half a cup of oil - we used coconut oil - a 1/4 cup of sugar and add two tablespoons of citrus zest which is just the skin of an orange or a lemon or a grapefruit.  You could also a few drops of any essential oils you may have like lavender or mint.

5.  Plant a garden or help your mom start a garden - Drop off all the supplies or have them delivered to your mom's house to help start an herb garden.  You can do a virtual planting or better yet - drop off the finished product to her house so all the work is done!  We just ordered some basic pots online and did curbside pick up for seeds and soil from our local hardware store.  We added some fun tags so your mom knows what's growing!