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Clean Eatz: Lancaster restaurant offering healthy meal plans

A unique health food restaurant in Lancaster County helped one man achieve his goals and lose 55 pounds in months.

LANCASTER COUNTY, Pa. — The start of the new year is typically a time when people set new goals for themselves. Clean Eatz, a health food restaurant in Lancaster County often sees many new faces during this time... but they are here to help year round. 

Clean Eatz is committed to helping people make the transition into eating clean, including one man who knew it was time to make his health a top priority. 

Losing 55 pounds in four months, John Dickson of Lancaster credits that to Clean Eatz helping transform his diet, plus commitment, and daily walks. 

"This was definitely a life saver for me," Dickson said. 

Back in August Dickson a customer of Clean Eatz, realized it was time to make a change. 

From unhealthy meals, to late night snacking -- he knew he needed to adapt to a healthier lifestyle.

Healthier food, portion control knowing how many calories he was taking in and not over eating -- helped him drop pounds quicker than he imagined. 

"Alright I can do this, the food is enjoyable it's tasty... I could feel my body cleaning out all of the junk food I was used to eating every day," explained Dickson.

That's what makes Clean Eatz unique. 

From freezer options, to their café menu, smoothies, meal plans, pizza, snacks, and even healthier sweets. 

"500 calories or less.. proper balance of proteins no added sodium or sugars.. everything is made right here in the café in Lancaster," said Steve Dyer the Owner of Clean Eatz.

"We can help customize and build an option for them and be a partner in their journey," explained Steve.

Making sure they have something for everyone, Dyer said they take customizing meals to the next level.

"Everyone that's coming in here.. there's a reason why they are here, of course there are folks coming in just for a bite to eat at the café, but generally we find once the folks taste the product and what we have to offer they are inquisitive," said Steve. 

While they have many customers with different health goals, Dickson is just one example that you can achieve them if you set your mind... and maybe your stomach to it!

"This is definitely the way to go it's all laid out, how many calories you're taking in so you can keep track of it," said Dickson.

If you're questioning how to make healthy changes, Dyer encourages people to reach out. 

"Come talk to us we can help you, it's not as intimidating as it may seem," said Dyer. 

You can find more information about their meal plans, locations, and menu items on their website