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Mom of Harrisburg teen arrested in Ocean City says her son is traumatized

The mother feels things should have been handled differently.
Credit: WPMT

HARRISBURG, Pa. — “Their life went from good to bad in 0.5 seconds."

A mom of one of the Harrisburg teen boys arrested in Ocean City, Maryland, who wished to remain anonymous, says her son had asked her if he could go to the resort town with his friends to celebrate graduating high school. 

She says she was hesitant at first. 

“But we were trying to you know, let him have a little happiness. You know he just accomplished something. He graduated so we were like ok go have fun, we never thought about this.” 

The mom says she received a call about what happened and after watching the video and hearing the story from her son, she feels things should have been handled differently.

"It’s always another way to do things. How to handle a situation, which in this situation should have been done."

She says her son is still traumatized by this experience.

"He is one step from having an emotional breakdown and we’re trying to figure out some things to help him, talk to him, try to guide him, help him through this.”

And many organizations across the country have also showed outrage, including the Maryland NAACP.

“The Maryland State Conference will be investigating the Ocean City Incident from this past weekend to let the public know if the police reform measures are working," said Jacqueline Boone Allsup, from Anne Arundel County Branch of the NAACP. 

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