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Midland seeing a record high amount of deadly auto-pedestrian accidents

Since May 7, Midland County has had four auto-pedestrian fatalities, beating the annual average.

MIDLAND, Texas — Here is a trend we do not like to see going up: auto-pedestrian accidents. 

On average, Midland County sees about four deadly auto-pedestrian crashes a year. 

However, in the past month alone there have been four.

The Midland Co. sheriff worries if driving and pedestrian habits do not change, we are going to see an all-time high in auto-pedestrian fatalities this year.

"Those auto-pedestrian accidents are the worst accidents you can come up to because normally those do result in a fatality," David Criner, Midland Co. Sheriff said. "It’s very sad to know that you are going to approach an accident scene and it’s going to affect someone’s loved one”

In Midland, law enforcement responds to about 54 auto-pedestrian crashes a year. 

In 2020 and 2019, four of those crashes were fatal.  

Since May 7 of this year, Midland has had four auto-pedestrian fatalities.  

For most of those crashes, Midland Police tell us the pedestrians were at fault, either crossing where they were not supposed to, walking along a busy interstate or jumping into moving traffic.  

"As a pedestrian, we need to walk as far to left facing traffic as we go down the roadways as we can," Criner said. "Then on a crosswalk keep your head moving at all times. For the drivers, remember there are pedestrians out there. The oil field traffic has picked back up and just watch out.” 

The big takeaway from the sheriff? 

“People need to pay attention to their surroundings at all times. As a pedestrian walking and as someone operating a motorized vehicle, know your surroundings at all times.” 

Deputies and police officers tell us it is rare for them to give citations to pedestrians for illegally crossing the road.  Even if someone does jaywalk, it is hard to catch them doing it. 

That is why it really comes down to the drivers being alert and then the general public being made aware of just how risky it is to walk near busy roads here.

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