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Micah Parsons shares support for Harrisburg football coach

Parsons posted a message of support for Calvin Everett, after he was charged with one summary count of acting as a car dealer without a license.
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HARRISBURG, Pa. — Micah Parsons has gone to social media to show his support for Harrisburg football coach and Athletic Director Calvin Everett. 

Everett was allegedly involved with an odometer tampering scam that cost victims over $150,000. He was charged with one summary count of acting as a car dealer without a license.

Parsons, a Dallas Cowboys and Penn State star and former Harrisburg High School football player, posted the following Facebook message of support for Everett: 

Man I remember when everyone turned they back on me!! When CD turned they back on me and threw me in the dirt for bs allegations ! Coach Cal welcomed me with open arms ! Lifted me up, kept it real! Coach Cal deserves more! Headline always gonna tell a different story, We all been there ! Coach Cal was there for me and I’ll always be here for him! Everyone makes mistakes! So don’t bash this man for his!  

In his post, Parsons refers to a controversy that surrounded him after he transferred from Central Dauphin to Harrisburg while a high school player. 

According to court documents, Everett pleaded guilty to the civil penalty on Friday. Documents show that he paid a $1,059 fine. 

There were three people charged for their involvement with the car scam, with varying degrees of knowledge of what was going on between them, as stated by police. 

According to court documents, over a five-year period, Earnest Fry, 47, who is facing multiple felony charges, bought and sold over 150 vehicles in the Harrisburg area. Over 50 of the vehicles Fry sold had the odometer tampered with. 

Police allege Kevin Fry, 56, who is facing theft and felony odometer tampering charges, and Everett assisted Earnest Fry with the scheme, but had different levels of knowledge of the full operation, also according to court documents. 

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