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Mechanicsburg Borough launches complaint form to address bright lights

Complaints to the borough will be sent to PPL, who will then send employees out to dim the offending lights in question.

MECHANICSBURG, Pa. — Relief is now on the horizon for the people of Mechanicsburg looking to reclaim the night sky. 

The Mechanicsburg Borough launched a new online complaint form to address concerns about light pollution; an issue that hits close to home for members of the borough’s Environmental Advisory Council.

"The house that my wife and I own has a light pole right in front it, literally 20 feet away," said Keith Thomas, a chairman for the Mechanicsburg Borough's Environmental Advisory Council. “The light comes in every window and bounces off other houses and lights up my house.”

Mark Grosz, who also sits on the committee, is one of several people who have raised concerns about the brightness of recently installed LED lights in the borough. He said the introduction of the online complaint form is a step in the right direction.

“There’s a way that your complaints can be heard, your voice can be heard," said Grosz.

“[The lights] don’t need to be that bright and they don’t need to be shining that brightly all night long," added Thomas.

The complaint forms can be found on the Mechanicsburg Borough’s website. From there, the borough will reach out to PPL, who will then send out employees to dull the lights in question.

While it remains to be seen how the new system will help the affected people of Mechanicsburg, Grosz says this will hopefully make more people aware of light pollution.

“Whether it’s the form, it draws people’s attention to it more," said Grosz.

“Light pollution is a problem all over the world, and it’s come home to Mechanicsburg," said Thomas.

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